Liberty Poole Will Throw The Casa Amor Postcard In The Swimming Pool In Tonight’s Episode

The girls in the main villa will be left reeling when a postcard from Casa Amor comes through the door carrying the message “wish you were here”, and it features a selection of pictures from the lads’ time in the other villa.

And tonight, Liberty – who is in a relationship with Jake Cornish – will chuck the over-sized postcard in the villa’s pool after the girls take in the images.

Elsewhere in Casa Amor, Hugo Hammond will share a smooch with newcomer Amy Day after he pulls her for a chat.

She says: “With you, it’s like I can’t wait to talk to you next. You’ve shown interest which is amazing. When I first came in and there was an initial something.”

Hugo replies: “Nice I finally acted upon it, eh?”

Amy replies: “Yeah, it’s interesting, it’s exciting.”

Hugo laughs: “You look nervous, giddy.”

She then goes to pinky promise him, but he leans in for a kiss instead.

Hugo is currently in a friendship couple with Chloe Burrows, and back in the main villa she lets Dale Mehmet know he is her number one.

He says: “Me personally, I think you and me get on the best. I’m enjoying chatting to you.”

Chloe replies: “I think we get on pretty well. I think you’re my favourite of everyone.”

Dale smiles, and adds: “My favourite, I like that.”

What’s more, Faye Winter is set to have some doubts about her romance with Teddy Soares, questioning if he is “too calm”.

During a chat with her pal Millie Court, Faye says: “I don’t know if Teddy’s a bit calm for me: Cool calm and collected.”

But Millie says: “What are you trying to tell me right now? You don’t know, you’re confused?”

Faye says: “I really like Teddy, I’m just worried is he too calm?”

But Millie reminds Faye she has been missing Teddy.

She says: “No, Faye. Don’t put other people’s thoughts into your head. You’ve been missing Teddy so much, every single day, all day and all night.”

Millie is in a couple with Liam Reardon, who hasn’t exactly been keeping himself to himself over in Casa Amor after he smooched newcomers Salma Naran and Clarisse Juliette, and received a lap dance from Lillie Haynes, during a task earlier this week.

And in tonight’s show, Liam admits he has been keen to kiss Lillie – but it’s “not the right time”.

Speaking in the Casa Beach Hut, he says: “She put her cards on the table, told me exactly how she felt.

“Obviously, I wanted to kiss her, but it’s not the right time.

“She took it well, said I completely respect you. The time here now, if I feel like I want to kiss her, I’m going to kiss her.”

Later in her own Beach Hut chat, Lillie says of Liam: “I think he’s trying to stay respectful, obviously his situation back in the main villa, but he also wants to explore the situation here.

“You’re going to have to upset someone, basically.”

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