Lizzie Cundy Has Claimed That Meghan Markle ‘Wanted To Meet Someone’ When She First Came To The UK

The 53-year-old TV personality has opened up about her former friendship with the Duchess of Sussex, claiming that Meghan had set her sights on a British man.

Lizzie, who is set to lift the lid on their friendship in a brand-new television programme, revealed that Meghan once gushed that she wanted to be ‘a London girl’ because she loved everything to do with the Capital city.

“We have a clip of her saying: “I want to be a London girl, I love London men and I love everything to do with London,” Lizzie told Mail Online.

Lizzie, whose Amazon Prime show is called Red Carpet Uncut also claimed that Meghan had her heart set on meeting someone special when she first arrived to the UK.

“I was asked to look after Meghan when she came over here. She wanted to meet someone,” Lizzie added.

While they were once close, Lizzie has claimed that Meghan ‘cut her off’ and ‘ghosted’ her once Prince Harry proposed.

“She ghosted me once the engagement hit. She’s ghosted quite a lot of people, obviously, including her family, so I’m not the worst person she’s ghosted,” Lizzie told.

Three years later, Meghan met and fell head over heels for Prince Harry and the couple went on to tie the knot in 2018.

Lizzie’s confession comes after the TV star recently joked that Meghan and Harry called their baby daughter after her.

After Meghan welcomed her second child – baby Lilibet Diana – in June, Lizzie claimed that the Duchess Of Sussex got inspiration for her daughter’s name thanks to her.

Lizzie was nicknamed Lilibet in school, and claimed that Meghan called her child after her.

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Lizzie told: “I was called Lilibet. It’s short for Elizabeth. It was my nickname at school!

“Thank you Meghan. You ghosted me – and now you’re calling your child after me.

“I was quite shocked by it because it’s an unusual name. Maybe that’s her way of reaching out. But I wish them well and I think it’s wonderful.”

The couple had named their second child after the Queen – whose father used to call her Lilibet – and Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, for the middle name.

Harry and Meghan welcomed their daughter on Friday, June 4 and the couple already share son Archie.

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