Rosie Marcel Had To Drive Into The BBC In A Hat

The 44-year-old star made a shock comeback as Jac Naylor in last night’s (27.07.21) episode of the medical drama, and Rosie apologised for fibbing to fans about her departure.

She wrote on Instagram: “It’s good to be back!!!!! Sorry to have fibbed to you all. This has been a tight lipped secret for four months!! I’ve had to drive in to the bbc in a hat, mask, sunglasses every day but it’s been worth it to see all your lovely tweets and comments. (sic)”

Jac departed the hospital in early February, but she returned just in time to work with new Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Eli Ebrahimi, who is played by former ‘EastEnders’ star Davood Ghadami.

Rosie wrote: “And getting to work with the amazing @therealdavood not to mention my lovely @bbcholbycity family again. I have missed them.

“The bitch is back and it’s going to epic!! #jacisback #holbycity #icequeen (sic)”

Davood commented: “It really is going to be epic! Jacs back!! (sic)”

Rosie had previously appeared to confirm her ‘Holby’ departure in January.

She said at the time: “I’m sad obviously – I love the show and I’ve been there a really long time.

“But it got a stage where I was just so tired and really needed that break, to the point where I’ve not really done anything else and I don’t want to – I want to take time off.

“I’m well slept currently which is very nice. Homeschooling is obviously very difficult for everyone at the moment and I’m very grateful that I can be here and do it. I am feeling good and positive.

“I just wanted a break and spend time with my family – I haven’t spent a lot of time with my daughter or my husband.

“I didn’t want to get to a point in my life where I thought, ‘I really wish I’d taken time off’ – I didn’t want to be that person with regrets. It was a big decision.”

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