Sex Pistols Are Said To Be “Over Once And For All” After Reportedly Becoming Locked In A Fresh Lawsuit Over Royalties

According to The Sun, guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook have launched a lawsuit against former bandmates John Lydon and Glen Matlock for breach of contract, as the pair believe they are owed money.

It is said that the former bandmates are now no longer on speaking terms and will only communicate through their lawyers.

“The guys have always had a pretty fiery relationship, but sadly things are at an all-time low now,” a source told The Sun.

“None of them are speaking – only through lawyers – and each reckons the other is to blame for various things over the decades.

“As with most rows, money is the major factor here- Steve and Paul believe they have been denied royalties dating back years, whereas Glen and John think, if anything, they’re owed more money. They could counter-sue if needs be.”

The source added: “There were chats about a reunion a while ago – but this is now off the table. The Sex Pistols are over once and for all.”

While the reunion seemingly isn’t forthcoming, the iconic band’s story is soon set to be immortalised on the small screen in Danny Boyle’s new biopic series about their legendary career.

Toby Wallace will play guitarist Jones, alongside Anson Boon as Johnny Rotten, Louis Partridge as Sid Vicious and newcomer Jacob Slater as Paul Cook.

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