Tori Spelling Used To Be Desperate To Make Her Eyes Look “Smaller”

The ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ actress admitted her already-low confidence plummeted even further when she was mocked over the appearance of her peepers and she used to “beg” make-up artists to help minimise her features in order to feel less self-conscious.

She said: “I used to hate my eyes. When I started ‘90210’ at 16 I was filled with low self confidence.

“Then, internet trolls ( yep we had them back then too!)called me frog and bug eyed. Being put under a microscope as a young girl in her formative years was hard.

” I spent years begging makeup artists on my shows and movies to please try to make my eyes look smaller. I would cry over my looks in the makeup trailer chair.(sic)”

But Tori gradually began to realise her eyes were actually an “asset”.

She continued on Instagram: “I didn’t start to realize what an asset my eyes were till I did Scream 2 and the cover of Rolling Stone reenacting the iconic shower scene from Psycho. My eyes made that photo. They showed the emotion I was “feeling in my soul” in that picture.(sic)”

And the 47-year-old star admitted it is a deliberate move on her part that she is never photographed facing straight on because of the cruel comments she experienced when she was younger and urged her followers to think twice before writing mean things.

She said: “Now, my face. Many people ask why I only show one side of my face. Some write hurtful things. Yes, it is a choice. My choice.

“Because, a vulnerable innocent excited girl showed all of her face at 16 and was eaten alive. Choices about my looks were made for me by nameless and faceless accounts. Words can’t be unread. Cyber bullying existed then and it does now worse than ever.

“So, every time one of you ask me why I don’t look straight on in photos and videos know why I make that choice.

“Years of hurtful comments that I don’t even want to share to give them energy. Way worse than bug or frog eyes. Just remember next time that you go to comment on someone’s account regarding their face or body or choices, you don’t know them.

They don’t know you. But, their soul will remember that unkind comment. It’ll be imprinted on them. Our memories can’t remember physical pain but we do remember emotional, verbal, and written pain.”

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