WWE MONEY IN THE BANK: Universal Champion Roman Reigns Def. Edge; John Cena Returns To Stand Toe-To-Toe With Reigns

Two things are clear after the thrilling main event of WWE Money in the Bank: Seth Rollins has hell to pay for costing Edge his match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and John Cena has The Tribal Chief in his sights.

The second part first: The Cenation leader, in perhaps the most shocking moment of the year, returned unannounced to WWE for the first time in 15 months to confront Reigns at the conclusion of the title bout. The 16-time World Champion entered Dickies Arena to a thunderous ovation, got right in Reigns’ face and defiantly delivered his “You can’t see me!” hand gesture. Even though no punches were thrown, it was a moment that will live on in the WWE Universe’s collective memory for years to come.

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While Cena’s comeback will likely dominate water-cooler talk come Monday morning, not to be overlooked is the epic Universal Title Match that preceded it.

The Universal Champion and The Rated-R Superstar push each other to the limits at WWE Money in the Bank. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

In a fair world, the headline would read: Edge pins Universal Champion Roman Reigns. After all, the WWE Hall of Famer, in search of a fairytale ending to his comeback story, had The Tribal Chief’s shoulders pinned to the mat for three seconds and then some after connecting with a Spear late in the bout. The only problem? There was no referee to administer a count.

To get to that point, Edge indeed manifested the anger he knew he’d need to unseat The Head of the Table. He endured Reigns’ punishing offense — from the Drive-By to the Guillotine — before mounting an incredible rally that was buoyed by a Spear through the ringside barricade. Reigns uncorked a Superman Punch minutes later, and the impact sent Edge hurtling into referee Charles Robinson, taking the official out of commission.

Edge continued fighting, using the leg of a steel chair to lock in a crossface. With no ref in sight, The Usos approached the ring to help their cousin, but they were repelled by the intervening Mysterios. That’s when Rollins, who declared he wanted “next” despite losing the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, ran in through the audience and leveled Edge with a kick to the back of his head.

Edge recovered, hit the second Spear and covered Reigns, while the WWE Universe took it upon themselves to count the three-count. A replacement official raced into the ring, but by then it was too late, and Reigns kicked out at two.

Rollins then struck again, returning to distract Edge long enough for Reigns to hit the match-clinching Spear. After the bell, Rollins and Edge brawled through the WWE Universe, while Reigns took the microphone and said the whole world can now acknowledge him.

Yet, as Cena’s subsequent arrival would suggest, such acknowledgment might come at a higher cost than Reigns bargained for.

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