Barcelona And Neymar End Litigation Amicably

Barcelona announced on the morning of Monday 26th July that it had reached an amicable agreement with Neymar to put an end to the legal proceedings in which both sides have been involved since the Brazilian’s departure from the club.

Since he left for Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2017, Neymar and Barcelona have been in a legal dispute over the Brazilian star’s renewal bonus following his latest contract extension with the Catalan club.

Having signed it shortly before his departure, the club considered that he should not have paid the full amount (around 60 million euros) as the player did not fulfil his contract, which led the star taking his dispute to court.

A Barcelona court initially ruled in favour of the Catalan side, but Neymar did not give up and the legal dispute between the two sides continued… until Monday 26th July.

The Camp Nou club announced in a statement that it had reached an amicable agreement with PSG’s Brazilian player to settle the various disputes between the two sides out of court.

“Barcelona announce that it has ended out of court in amicable fashion the various labour and civil litigation cases that were open with the Brazilian player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior,” began the statement from the Barcelona club.

“As such, a transactional agreement between the Club and the player has been signed to end the legal cases that were pending between the two parties: three claims related to labour and a civil case,” Barca said.

In this way, Barcelona and Neymar, who shared their paths between 2013 and 2017, finally make peace. That was already very close to materialising two years ago as when one of the times the star tried to return to the Camp Nou, one of the conditions was the end of hostilities in the courts.

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