Chaos Just Hours Before The Huge Final Of The Copa America

CONMEBOL were forced to release an official statement after detecting “fraudulent” PCR tests and warned that the controls to enter the stadium would be rigorous.

CONMEBOL have had to issue a warning just hours before the Copa America final to any fans that had the intention of brining a false PCR test to enter the Maracana stadium in Rio.

The sporting body communicated that they have found “fraudulent” tests in the hours leading up to the final and assured that the checks at the stadium would be extremely thorough and rigorous, with the aim of safeguarding the country’s health services. In addition, CONMEBOL also indicated that they could increase the controls and recommended supporters to bring a printed copy of the PCR test documentation.

CONMEBOL’s statement read as follows: “CONMEBOL informs that a considerable amount of fraudulent PCR tests were detected, from people acredited both to the Argentina and Brazil stands. These people will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

“CONMEBOL assures that the controls to enter the final of the CONMEBOL Copa America will be extremely thorough, as will be the application of health protocols and prevention methods.

“Everyone attending must present the lab test with a negative result to be able to enter. There will be no form of exception. It is recommended to have the result printed on paper on you at all times in order to have it verified better and to avoid any mishaps.

“CONMEBOL analyses the possibility of inceasing controls if necessary.”

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