Conor McGregor Unveils $3.6 Million Lambo Yacht

Conor McGregor’s got 99 problems, but a ship ain’t one the UFC superstar finally received his beloved Lambo yacht this week and the thing looks incredible!!

As we previously reported, the Notorious purchased a Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 referred to as a “Supercar of the Sea” for (at least) nearly $4 MILLION back in October.

Worth noting, that number might be even higher … ’cause there’s a chance the boat has even more bells and whistles. After all, this is Conor we’re talking about.

The shiny, new toy couldn’t have come at a better time for McGregor the guy is recovering from a devastating snapped leg at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier and now he has a ton of space to rest up on the water.

Conor’s yacht is 63 feet long, weighs 24 tons, can reach up to 60 knots and has a 4,000 horsepower engine.

The yacht is one of just 63 made available to the (superrich) public with Conor getting the 12th in honor of his Proper 12 whiskey.

Remember, the dude was the highest-paid athlete in 2020 with $180 million due in large part to the booze biz so it’s only right he pays tribute with the green boat.

Conor previously said it’ll take about 6 weeks on crutches to recover from his injury … and now we know where to find him if we need him.

Enjoy and get well soon!!!

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