La Liga President Tebas Spoke About Messi’s Future At Barcelona


La Liga president Javier Tebas was pessimistic looking towards Messi’s possible renewal with Barca. He highlighted how it was “impossible” that the start might start at the Catalan club if they don’t let some players go first.

Barcelona continue to work non-stop to try and find a formula with which they can get Leo Messi to renew, securing his place at the club for the 2021/22 season.

The salary limit has been a huge stumbling block so far for a Catalan side who spoke to La Liga president Javier Tebas a few days ago to try and find a solution for their enormous conflict.

This reunion wasn’t overly successful, given that the president showed no signs of flexibility and highlighted that the club will have to drastically lower their wage bill if they want the number 10 to carry on in the team.

A standpoint that Tebas had to defend once again, this time publicly, this Thursday 8th July. The president gave some less than encouraging words looking ahead to the renewal of Messi at Barcelona.

“I don’t know if Messi will start La Liga with Barca. If there aren’t any departures in the club, right now it is impossible that he could register”, Tebas indicated to the microphones of ‘La Sexta’.

In the same way, the La Liga boss openly criticised the club’s situation. “It is one thing passing the wage limit and another thing signing or renewing players with the 1×4 rule, every four euros that they don’t save, they can add one euro”, he stated.

Meanwhile, away from the chaos regarding his future, Messi currently finds himself fully focused on winning Argentina’s first Copa America since 1993, as they prepare to take on hosts Brazil in the final.

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