Maguire Said His Father Suffered Broken Ribs During The Disturbances At Wembley

Euro 2020 left memorable images,but others which are better forgotten. The incidents in the final at Wembley left several people injured, among them the father of England player Harry Maguire. Maguire himself revealed this to ‘The Sun’.

People are very passionate about football. However, many take it too far and scenes of violence occur.

England player Harry Maguire told ‘The Sun’ that his father was affected by the incidents at Wembley, before, during and after the final between Italy and England. His father ended up in hospital because of his injuries. “I hope people learn from this. My father couldn’t breathe and ended up with some broken ribs,” he said while still affected by what happened.

“I don’t want these type of things to happen when he’s goes going to watch a football match. My father will keep on going to watch me and support me in matches, but now he’ll be a bit more aware of his surroundings.

Maguire explained what happened during the final and why the altercations occurred: “Many people came to their seats and there were people already sitting in them. That caused fighting between people who asked them to move. Things could have been much worse.

The England footballer hopes what happened at Wembley does not happen again: “We need to learn… and I’m confident we will,” he concluded.

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