Manchester City’s Possible Irregularities With Financial Fair Play Leaked

Bomb-shell in England. The ‘Daily Mail’ has brought to light a series of emails that would put Manchester City in serious trouble.

According to that source, the club circumvented the rules of Financial Fair Play back in 2011.

Another setback for Manchester City, who continue to be at the centre of controversy regarding Financial Fair Play. According to reports from English media outlet the ‘Daily Mail’, the club inflated its income to be able to get round UEFA regulations.

The aforementioned source brought to light a number of emails that evidence City’s alleged fraud. In them, it can reportedy be seen how Etihad – City’s prime sponsor at the time – increased the amount disclosed in their income statement for 2010/11.

This could put the club in serious trouble and may result in a harsh punishment. In addition, it’s not the first time that they have been linked with this sort of manipulation, as in February 2020 they were punished for statements presented in 2012 and 2016. Eventually, CAS revoked their sanction. However, back in 2014, City were punished, on that occasion with a 20-million-euro fine for another alleged breach of Financial Fair Play.

At the moment, the club are yet to officially respond to the most recent allegations, as they continue to be positioned in the eye of the storm with these type of controversies.

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