Manchester United Will Cover Raphaël Varane With Gold

Raphaël Varane is targeting Old Trafford. United are waiting for him with open arms. According to the Daily Star, the Red Devils will pay him double what he currently gets at Real Madrid, although money has not been a key factor in his decision to leave.

10 million separates Varane from United. It is only a matter of time before the Red Devils reach an agreement with Real Madrid, the club that still owns his rights.

Right now, United are offering 50 million and Madrid are looking to get around 60 million for him. Negotiations are expected to progress and reach a successful conclusion soon.

At Old Trafford they are thinking of covering Varane with gold so that he will not be short of anything. According to the ‘Daily Star’, the Frenchman will be paid double what he currently earns as a Madrid player.

However, Varane has never put money first. If the centre-back has decided to leave, it is because he believes he should take a new direction, try new competitions. Varane, according to the latest reports, would be delighted with the idea of playing for United. All that remains is for the two sides to come to an agreement and set a figure to finalise the transfer.

The only thing Varane wants is to leave Real Madrid on good terms, without any problems with the club. He believes he has given everything and that is how he wants to be remembered when he leaves the Bernabeu for the last time.

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