Massimiliano Allegri Spoke About His Return To Juve And The Options He Had Before

Massimiliano Allegri returned to the Juventus bench, but his future could have been different. He revealed that he had an offer from Real Madrid, which he declined, as well as betting on the continuity of Dybala and the upcoming renewal of Giorgio Chiellini.

Massimiliano Allegri was presented on Tuesday 27th July as Juve’s new coach. He gave an interview alongside president Andrea Agnelli to the press.

President Agnelli made a brief statement at Allegri’s presentation: “I won’t dwell on Max’s presentation. We took a potential risk together, but every expectation contains a prejudice, which takes for granted the results obtained. Anyone who thinks that the trophies of recent years are less appreciated are wrong, because behind them, there is always sacrifice and the desire to obtain them. No victory is ever taken for granted, winning costs effort and work. As Max says, ‘winning is not for everyone’.”

“The objectives are the same as always: to be competitive in our objectives. We got back together not out of friendship, but because Allegri has the credibility to write a new chapter, and he believes in the new management team. I don’t want to talk about the past anymore, but only about the future. His contract is for four years, because it is a sign of trust, and also because there is a medium-term plan at the base. I really want to lead Juventus, both on and off the pitch. There is great concentration,” added Agnelli.

The Italian coach has already spent four years at the helm of Juve but feels this is a new challenge: “For me it’s a new first time, I’m excited. I’ve started again with lots of emotion and fun, like when I first started coaching. I am with a group of good and quality young people, who are joining the first team. It’s a new cycle here, let’s think about the future. There are many great potentials, on which we will work every day. I chose Juventus, and for me it is a great responsibility. I am very grateful for the Club, which has given me the opportunity to return to coaching and to win.”

He also spoke a little about the players he has available and the ones he is missing. He has a lot of confidence in Dybala and hopes Chiellini renews his contract as soon as possible. “Dybala arrived when he was a kid. Now he is a man who realises that this is an important year for him. He has extraordinary play, I expect a lot from him. Kulusevski is an excellent player, who needs to improve in the execution phase. For me, one goal will be to create value and improvement on all players in the squad, and that’s one of the reasons why I was called.”

Allegri also spoke about the other offers he had on the table in the final weeks of last season, and highlighted one from Real Madrid. “I turned down an offer from Real Madrid to become the new coach. I want to thank them for the opportunity, but I love Juventus,” he said.

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