Neymar Was A Topic Of Conversation For The Candidate

Toni Freixa, candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona, spoke to ‘El Larguero’ and reviewed the current situation, in which he highlighted the possible departure of Messi to Pep Guardiola’s team or a hypothetical return of Neymar to the team.

At Barcelona, the race has begun for the presidency of the club, which will be decided on 24 January, the date chosen for the elections. Therefore, several pre-candidates are already campaigning in the media to strengthen their position.

Among them is Toni Freixa, who this Tuesday went on ‘El Larguero’ and reviewed the current situation, he left a message or two for Neymar, currently at PSG.

“He is not among the 30 best players in Europe. His performance is not at the required level and he cannot return to the club after what he did,” said the pre-candidate when asked about a hypothetical return of the Brazilian.

On the possible departure of Leo to Manchester City, the Catalan said: “We would have to ask him and Guardiola. I don’t know if that will continue”.

In addition, still in code Messi, explained what would happen if the Argentinean star did not continue at Barca. “The most important thing about BarΓ§a is the team itself, it’s a club with 120 years of history. We do not depend on anybody, but Messi has been everything and we will raise the conditions so that he continues. Even so, it is not a question that I lose sleep over”.

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