Pickford, A Well-Deserved Party

Jordan Pickford gave a great performance with the England national team at the Euros and, now that the tournament is over and the emotional trauma of losing him in the final has been overcome, he was more than happy at a party that echoed around social media. Masks with his face, beer… a little bit of everything.

Pickford ended a very busy season with the Euros final and took advantage of the end of it to disconnect and have a great time. That’s why he organised a rave-style party. According to the British tabloids, at least, it is the celebration that the goalkeeper likes the most.

The social networks echoed the event, in which the Everton goalkeeper appears on the shoulders of a friend, singing and talking to the rest of those present. Numerous England flags were displayed around the venue, where there was no shortage of masks with his face, beers and good vibes.

The ‘Three Lions’ fans were quick to make the content go viral. While some criticised the risk the goalkeeper took of getting the coronavirus, others congratulated him for his good work under Southgate and said that, after all, he deserves these moments of relaxation.

The video exploded in online reach after a tweet from Benj Winstanley, who wrote: “My keeper JP1.” Although he posted the most successful post, it is likely that the videos are Instagram stories from some of the partygoers, which reportedly took place on 15th July.

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