PSG Accidentally Published Sergio Ramos’ Signing

Just before 20:00 CEST, PSG published on social media that Sergio Ramos was wearing PSG’s number four shirt. However, the announcement was odd.

There was no tweet or colourful presentation. Just a few lines about his shirt number. Around 20 minutes later, it was deleted.

PSG have now signed Sergio Ramos. The captain, after passing his medical, signed the contract that will see him join the Parisians for the next two seasons.

While everyone thought it would be a lovely presentation, the club’s website published a news story which explained that Sergio Ramos was going to wear the number four shirt.

It was not official information on his signing for PSG. And the thing is that it looks like the info seemed to be published by mistake because it did not even have a photo.

“I use the number 4 a lot out of superstition, because I had it from the start of my career, and then it has accompanied me throughout my life, continued me, brought good luck, and a lot of victories”, he told ‘PSGTV’.

“Now the number 4 is part of me as a person and as a professional. For me, it’s a privilege to be able to wear this number at such a great team, Paris Saint-Germain. So I must be very special to be able to wear my number here in Paris,” Ramos concluded.

However, minutes later, the news disappeared off the front page of PSG’s website, as if they wanted to rectify their mistake.

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