Sergio Ramos Was Nowhere To Be Seen In The Shop’s Advert

Sergio Ramos, who is a step away from leaving Real Madrid, didn’t appear in the advertisements present in the official club shop.

This is a big statement, even more so when he also failed to appear in the presentation of the new kit. The absence of one of the team’s great leaders can only point towards one thing – perhaps this is the precursor to his final goodbye.

They’re minor details, but at the end of the day they reveal everything. Sergio Ramos failed to appear in the presentation of the club’s kit for next season, and he was similarly absent from the advert featured at the club’s official shop. Players such as Karim Benzema, Marco Asensio, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Casemiro did feature, all sporting the attire for 2021/22.

In order to see the defender in the new kit, you have to go all the way to the club’s official website and click on the section labelled ‘first team’. Here, Ramos can be seen donning the new colours, which is inevitable given that he is still a Real player up until June 30th.

The situation is noteworthy given the fact that teams normally advertise new kits with the best players of the group. Ramos is still in the Spanish capital and, while his absence doens’t necessarily confirm his departure, it certainly makes his contract renewal seem unlikely. In a matter of weeks, he could become available to negotiate with other clubs.

This has happened whilst he has also been left out of Luis Enrique’s Spain squad for Euro 2020. Ramos is going through a spell of ostracism that he’s not experienced before. For the 2021/22 season, he could be one of the big transfers of this summer’s window.

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