Spanish Teams Will Have Money To Make Some Top Signings

Real Madrid and Barcelona may see their plans altered for the better this summer after the agreement between La Liga and the investment fund CVC.

The injection of millions into their accounts may make it easier for players such as Mbappe and Haaland to join the competition and, on the other hand, Messi and Griezmann to stay in the competition.

With many clubs juggling financially to put together their squads and at the same time balance their accounts, LaLiga’s announcement of the agreement with the investment fund CVC could change the situation completely.

With the 2,7 billion that the multinational would inject into LaLiga clubs, they would have a significant margin of manoeuvre at an economic level, especially in terms of salaries, to tackle various transfers.

In this sense, there are several names that come to mind, although some of them, due to their importance for the competition, have a higher relevance: Haaland, Mbappe, Messi, Griezmann…

The first two have been strongly tipped to reinforce Real Madrid this summer, but the financial demands of their clubs (PSG and Borussia Dortmund) have so far made it difficult for any of the deals to be carried out

However, this monetary bonus could make it easier for Real Madrid, with this extra financial cushion, to pull out all the stops to achieve the desired signing of a great world star to lead their project.

In the same way, the injection of millions would be a relief for Barcelona, who for months have been looking to balance salaries in order to be able to tackle their main objective: the renewal of Leo Messi

Until now it seemed a chimera in terms of numbers, but it now seems very close and affordable after the LaLiga agreement. In addition, this could change the roadmap for another big star like Griezmann.

At first, it seemed almost obligatory for Barca to get rid of the French player in order to be able to sign Messi, but now the economic respite that the rain of euros from CVC would give the club could make the team from Barcelona keep their two great stars in their squad.

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